Seeking a maintainer for the Kiwi program

On Wednesday, October 17, 2001, I released version 2.0.00 of the Kiwi software suite.

This is going to be the last version of Kiwi that I am going to release. If you wish to become the maintainer of the Kiwi software suite, Mail me and I will hand off Kiwi to you.

The Kiwi spam-protection package

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This program is a fully-functional Spam-protection software suite. Unlike most spam protection programs, which work using blacklists, and are ineffective against "Hit and run" spammers, this package works by changing the email address every time it is made public.

Email addresses can time out after a certain time period (useful when sending out email or posting to usenet), tell us which IP someone got our email address from on a web page (useful for finding spambots), or contain a terse description of where we made the email address public.

This program is released to the public domain, which makes it compatible with all of the open-source licenses out there.

I recently discovered that someone else did something similar in a perl script called tms, which came out in 1997. This script is described at http://www.DeepEddy.Com/tms.html. - Sam