Handling emails sent to bad Kiwi cookies

It is possible that someone will inadvertently send mail to an email address with a bad Kiwi cookie. For example, an acquaintance may send us a message to an address that has expired, or someone may have incorrectly copied a Kiwi-enabled email address.

By default, Kiwi silently discards messages that do not have a valid cookie. However, it may be more desirable for you to be able to have Kiwi send people who send email to an address with a bad cookie a bounce message, informing them that they need to send a message to an email address with a correct Kiwi cookie.

Kiwi has support for BOUNCEMAIL which allows Kiwi to send a reply to a message with an invalid Kiwi cookie. In order to use this feature, do the following:

The form letter should have the following characteristics: Here is an example form letter. Please change nobody@example.com to a working email address that silently discards mail before using this example:

From: nobody@example.com
To: nobody@example.com
Return-Path: nobody@example.com
Reply-To: nobody@example.com
Subject: Your mail was not delivered

[In order to stop mail loops, replies to this message are silently discarded]

Hello there,

You mail was not delivered to me for a number of possible reasons.  Possible
reasons include:

* The email address you sent mail to timed out

* The email address you tried sending mail to was incorrectly copied

You wrote: