Having Kiwi-enabled email addresses subscribed to mailing lists

You may wish to use Kiwi-enabled addresses to subscribe to mailing lists, be they formal mailing lists, such as Majordomo mailing lists, or informal mailing lists, such as joke mailing lists to receive jokes. Another use of permanent Kiwi-enabled email addresses is to have a valid email address for use in on-line forms which need a working email address.

Kiwi allows this by the use of the clicrypt command. This command will generate a permanent Kiwi-enabled email address when given a five-letter message.

The email address contains a five-letter code, which will help you keep track of what mailing list a given email address is on, should you get unwanted email. The five-letter code is encrypted, and can not be seen by the person who gets the Kiwi-enabled address.

To generate a Kiwi-enabled encrypted email address, simply use the clicrypt program (usually in /usr/local/bin) to generate an encrypted cookie:

clicrypt five-letter message
Where five-letter message is a five-letter description of the mailing list in question, such as rdhat (which you may use if you wished to subscribe to the RedHat general mailing list) or rhdev (which you may use if you wished to subscribe to the RedHat developer's mailing list).

The five letter message needs to be precisely five letters long, and only contain lowercase letters.

clicrypt will output the encrypted cookie on the standard output--it will be printed out.

Once clicrypt generates an encrypted cookie containing a five-letter message, you may paste the cookie generated by clicrypt, and use the cookie in an email address thusly:

Where user@host.domain.com is your email address without Kiwi enabled. Qmail users will have an email address in the form user-cookie@host.domain.com.